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Since November 2020, a group of concerned neighbors who live in the Donelson-Hermitage area of Davidson County have begun a grassroots effort to communicate opposition to a USACE proposed public-private partnership. This proposed long-term lease would change the management of the public use nature of the Cook Recreation Area.

A long-term lease by a private partner would involve investing in public use upgrades to existing facilities, primarily investing in the rehabilitation of the Cook Campground closed in 2004 and allowed to deteriorate.

In addition to those residents who live on the corridors into and out of the Cook Recreation Area, a considerable number of persons, who are aware of the natural beauty of the peninsula and the free/low-cost public access to facilities, have joined the group.

Two groups recently have expressed support: The Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association (DHNA) and individuals in the Nashville chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS) have affirmed their organizational support to retain USACE management of the Cook Public Use area.

A significant number of the Cook Neighbors and Friends Association have written comments to USACE Nashville District. Mr. David Adams of the Corps has been the point person in receiving these comments and often responding to specific concerns. If visitors to this website would like to peruse individual letters, please select from the names below:

  1. Greg Wathen
  2. Graham Gerdeman
  3. Tia Clark
  4. Rick Major
  5. Geric Smith

Other individuals and groups are urged to comment through e-mail and the related Facebook page and to advocate for rejecting the USACE proposal to lease all of the Cook Recreation area to a commercial partner.

Wish List

Additional parking spaces for vehicles with trailers (currently 24) and for vehicles without trailers adjacent to the current boat ramp
Expand the launch ramp to accommodate two boats simultaneously
Develop more nature trails in the woods adjacent to the closed camp ground and possible all the way to the Seven Points Area
Rehabilitate the severely deteriorated camp ground to allow for tent camping and small campers at low cost
Keep the current free areas for short time relaxation and recreation and keep full day-use for low cost.
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