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Our mission is to keep Cook Recreation Area under U.S. Army Corps of Engineers management, supported by taxpayers for the common good, in order to maintain a nature forest wildlife habitat and a free to low cost recreation area for all socio-economic groups located in this part of Metro Davidson County.
Deer at the entrance to Cook Recreation Area

Purpose of This Web Site

  • To describe the Cook Recreation Area on Percy Priest Lake as it currently exists
  • To inform the public about a proposal for a change in management of the area and the steps and time frame of this decision-making process
  • To advocate for a particular use and development of the area
  • To provide a platform for public comment and endorsement of the ideas presented here through the e-mail link provided and the companion Facebook page

The Situation

The Cook Recreation Area is a 220-acre public-use nature area on the Eastern shore of Percy Priest Lake in southeastern Davidson County on the Stones River. Percy Priest Dam, Lake, and surrounding land are federal lands controlled and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). At the time of the acquisition of lands for construction of the dam and creation of the lake, USACE designated a protective shoreline buffer around the lake up to the height of the overflow of the dam. This buffer area includes the 220 acres known as the Cook Recreation Area as well as other recreation areas. From the beginning this area was designated as a Public Use Area for the benefit of the general public.

Currently, the USACE is considering a proposal to change management of Cook Recreation Area through a long-term lease to a private partner. This lease would include all of the 220 acres of this public-use area and would designate how this land could be developed and managed. (See video below.)

In this time of ever-expanding residential areas with small lawns in this area of Metro-Davidson County, there is a great need for the preservation of Green Areas in nature and for keeping the area free or low cost to be enjoyed by all socio-economic groups.

Watch Now

Watch the News 2 story with Davis Nolan as it appeared on the April 14, 2021 broadcast. 

This Website Endorses…

  • Preserving Cook Recreation Area as the natural habitat for wildlife who have called the Cook peninsula home for many years and protecting that habitat from invasive species
  • Preserving the mature forests for the benefit of the planet
  • Preserving the opportunity for people of all socio-economic groups to spend time in nature (away from the crowded, concrete city) and do this by keeping admission to the area free or low-cost
  • Preserving the free boat launching ramps for a range of watercraft for both fishing and pleasure
  • Preserving the fish pond
  • Preserving free access to the shoreline for fishing, picnicking, walking, and relaxing
  • Preserving, maintaining, and expanding hiking trails
  • Restoring the camping areas for tent or small camper short term use to provide outdoor living experiences
  • Expanding free parking areas for vehicles with boat trailers as well as shorter spaces for private vehicles without trailers
An owl at Cook Recreation Area
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